Health & Safety

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At QB Drillingwe are engaged in promoting awareness of essential safety measures to improve the safety of our workers and our diamond drilling sites. Good training and supervision is essential, particularly when work shifts are long and weather conditions are extreme. We follow strict Occupational Health & Safety protocols; continually educating and training our staff in the latest regulations. We always use guards with interlocks to protect our workers from rotating machinery and entanglement; every piece of equipment has emergency shut off switches to prevent any serious incidents. 


We always have a supervisor on site to ensure workers use proper protective devices, gear and clothing that comply with measures and procedures required for safe work. Our supervisor is highly knowledgable in the most up to date safety measures and ensures every worker is advised and understands safety precautions and protocols to promote the highest in safety standards.  


It is absolutely necessary that all our workers are trained extensively in the latest regulations for Mining and Mining Plants. We establish and maintain Surface Common Core Programs for our Diamond Drillers. All our drillers and  employees have successfully completed the necessary training programs and hold a certificate in achievement in all aspects of training. Training materials are readily available on site to be reviewed and referenced regularly. 

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